Thursday, July 19, 2012

Friday Matinee- Thattathin Super hit- Spirit at 37 days!

Love stories have changed the complexion of Mollywood several times! Manjil virinja pookal set a new trend in early eighties and Aniyathi pravu in nineties, the gigantic hits of those times! Through MVP, bunch of stars shown the flash light of silver screen, Fazil, Mohanlal , Poornima jayaram and Shankar… They literally ruled the Mollywood and Super star Mohanlal still ruling even after 32 years!

Shankar, the romantic hero of eighties, didn’t succeed in maintaining the status but Kinchako boban, the byproduct of Aniyathipravu still remains evergreen. His star value witnessed sea change this year with successive big hits!

‘’Thattathin marayuthu’’ will most likely will be remembered along the same line with MVP and AP .Though it has not brought totally fresh faces but has produced enough ammunition to lift some of the young faces to stardom. It has become sensational hit by grossing 8 crore within two weeks. It also paved the way of Vineeth sreenivasan’s elevation as of one of the most watch out script writer cum director in Mollywood. TM is likely to become box office hot cake in coming week as well due to slump in new releases.

Tamil movie Billa 2 stormed Kerala theaters but within three days it fell apart leaving Spirit and Ustad hotel to run comfortably. Billa 2 dent in to the fold of this movie in its initial days but negative report adversely effeted this new Kollywood sensation. Come back release are on the cards for Spirit and UH. Spirit still has 16 centers on its 6th week with 7, 000, shows completed. While Ustad has 35 centers on its 4th week with 5,400 shows completed.

Today’s release: Those who release movies during Ramzan time should be awarded with bravery!

Akashathinte niram: Class film from Dr Biju. Biju got special mention at Kerala film award for 2011 announced yesterday. Attractive star package is there with Indrajith and Amala paul in the lead and cameo role from Prithviraj.

New project: Disastrous naughty professor does not reduce the ambitious hero image of Baburaj. Now he is planning to direct the story of cook of Salt N pepper. ‘’Cook Babu’’.

Kerala Top 5 movies - 20/7/2012. 

1. Thattathin Marayathu – May set record for most houseful shows in 2012. Super hit

 2. Ustad hotel – Hotel has good customers! Super hit.
3 Spirit-.  Classic hit with trade tag of Mega hit.
4.  Mullamottum munthiricharum– No taste of success for this grape! Flop.
5.   Billa 2 – Tamil movie enters in to the list with 110 theater release in Kerala.

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